Real Talk About Breast Cancer

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Real Pink is taking real conversations about breast cancer from the doctor's office to the living room. Hosted by Adam Walker, episodes feature candid conversations with survivors, researchers, physicians, and more. Find answers to your toughest questions and clear, actionable steps to live a better life, longer. At Real Pink, compassionate storytelling meets real inspiration, and real support.

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Recent Episodes

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Growing a Family after Breast Cancer Treatment with Tammy Myers

Breast cancer is rare in young women – fewer than 5 percent of breast cancers diagnosed in the U.S. occur in women under 40. But when they are, they often add complexity surrounding fertility and starting or growing families. Here to share the story of how she is trying to expand her family following breast…

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Harnessing the Power of the Immune System with Dr. Adam Soloff

Researchers are working to develop new, more effective treatments for breast cancer. Dr. Adam Soloff joins the podcast to share his work on vaccines, including research funded by Susan G. Komen. This is part two of Dr. Soloff’s interview. About Dr. Soloff Dr. Soloff is a Susan G. Komen career catalyst researcher and the Assistant…

Adam Soloff

Demystifying the World of Viruses and Vaccines with Dr. Adam Soloff

What actually is a virus? What should people know about viruses? What about mutations? And how do vaccines work? There has been a lot of media speculation surrounding these questions especially in regards to COVID-19. Dr. Adam Soloff joins the podcast to shed light on these topics and share his perspective as a Susan G.…


Managing Isolation During a Pandemic with Marissa Fors

Undue stress may be experienced by anyone during this pandemic, especially by those more vulnerable to COVID-19. Komen’s Breast Care Helpline can help provide information, social support and help with coping strategies related to anxiety or concerns during these uncertain times. Here to share some of the most common questions and concerns across the breast…


It’s Time to End This Disease. Now. with Leslie Mullins

Every 13 minutes, someone in the U.S. loses their life to breast cancer.  That’s 115 families every day that loses a mom or dad or daughter. Countless moments big and small, that shape us, guide us – all lost.  That’s simply unacceptable. Susan G. Komen is working to create a future where no one loses…

rtch Watson Summer234501 1 (1)(1)

Prioritizing Your Health with Summer Watson

When you receive a breast cancer diagnosis, your overall health and well being becomes a top priority, particularly while you are undergoing treatment. Here to share the health journey that she embarked on and how it has made all the difference is…..Summer Watson, classical crossover artist. About Summer It’s very rare to encounter a singing…


Special Episode: Prioritizing safety and health during COVID-19 with Susan Brown

During this time of uncertainty, it is important for breast care patients and survivors to minimize risk during COVID-19. Oncology nurse Susan Brown offers tips on how to prioritize safety and protect physical and mental health. About Susan Susan Brown, M.S., R.N. Senior Director, Education & Patient Support Susan has been with Susan G. Komen®…

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 8.08.10 AM

What to Say, And What Not to Say, with Dana Manciagli

When someone has breast cancer, it is scary for them – and for you! What can you do to really help? What should you say? Is it better to just listen? Here to shed some light on how to best support those who are affected by breast cancer is Dana Manciagli. About Dana Dana Manciagli…

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 11.04.49 PM

Being an Advocate for a Loved One with Earlina Green

About Earlina Earlina Green Hamilton is a speaker, consultant, and author of The Beginner’s Guide to Finding Your Brave and 7 Tips for Breaking Into The World of Sports. Before beginning her writing and speaking career, Green was a leading sports executive for professional NBA teams Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks. She has given…

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