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Real Pink is taking real conversations about breast cancer from the doctor's office to the living room. Hosted by Adam Walker, episodes feature candid conversations with survivors, researchers, physicians, and more. Find answers to your toughest questions and clear, actionable steps to live a better life, longer. At Real Pink, compassionate storytelling meets real inspiration, and real support.

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Breast Cancer Resources

Find the information you need.

Risk Factors

Understand the factors that may affect your risk of getting breast cancer.

Screening & Detection

Screening tests are used to find breast cancer before warning signs or symptoms.


Learn about the process of diagnosis, follow-ups, and factors that affect prognosis and treatment.


Learn about treatment for early and locally-advanced breast cancers (stages I, II and III).

Financial Assistance

Here you’ll find resources to help with financial concerns.

Tools and Resources

Here you'll find information about our helpline, as well as resources and interactive tools.

Recent Episodes

How the Patient Care Center Addresses Breast Health Inequities

Multiple communities face unique barriers to breast health care, including lack of access to quality care, financial constraints and cultural differences. Susan G. Komen’s Patient Care Center works to address these barriers by providing a variety of services and resources, such as patient navigation, financial assistance and culturally sensitive care. Komen patient navigator Mariana Garza joins us today to discuss the specific breast health inequities these communities face in accessing breast health care, as well as the ways that the Patient Care Center is helping to break down these barriers.
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Real Talk: Reconstruction or Not? Options After Breast Surgery

In today’s episode, we’ll hear from two women who both required surgery to treat their breast cancer but made different decisions about what happened after that surgery. Christy Burbidge had a mastectomy on her left side and decided not to have her breast reconstructed. Suzanne Fonseca opted for reconstruction after her breast surgery but experienced one complication after another, and multiple surgeries later, decided to have her implants removed for good. There’s no right (or wrong) decision when it comes to selecting the treatment that is right for you. And no choice is without risks or wondering after the fact if you made the right decision.
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Your First Conversation with a Friend Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

What do you say to a friend when you find out they have been diagnosed with breast cancer? How do you address them? Stacey Lucas is a close friend, mother, community member and cancer survivor. Through her journey, she has found strength in her close family, trust in her doctors and staying physically active. Tune in to hear from Stacey first hand on how to support newly diagnosed friends, family members and loved ones.
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Knowing What to Say When Someone is Diagnosed with MBC

When someone has metastatic breast cancer, it is scary for them - and for you! What can you do to really help? What should you say? Is it better to just listen? Today’s guest received a de novo metastatic diagnosis in January 2021 and then elected to retire early from a 30-year technology sales career in order to slow life down and to focus on family, friends and thriving with MBC. Carlee Dixon’s surprise diagnosis also inspired her to learn as much as possible about breast cancer and take every opportunity to educate friends and acquaintances about breast cancer prevention and the day to day reality. Today, Carlee is here to shed some light on how to best support those who are living with metastatic breast cancer.
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Working It Out: Cancer and Employment Rights

Breast cancer affects patients, survivors, families and health care professionals in many ways, one of them being the law. When someone receives a diagnosis, their job is often the first place that they may be legally impacted. Our jobs provide us with income and health insurance. Therefore, it is important to know your rights in the workplace so that you can protect yourself and have the knowledge of how to ask for what you are legally entitled to. Joining us today on the show is Shelly Rosenfeld, Director at the Cancer Legal Resource Center. She’ll help explain your rights to take time off work, the antidiscrimination laws that apply both to an employee and an interviewee, and what reasonable accommodations are under federal and state laws.
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Faith and Breast Health

Susan G. Komen’s Worship in Pink is a volunteer-driven breast health educational program powered by local faith-based communities. The program empowers faith communities with knowledge and resources to take an active role in their breast health. Here today to discuss the Worship in Pink program and why it is so important for Black congregations are Desiree Elder, Associate Pastor at First Corinthian Baptist Church in Harlem, and Se’Nita Harris, an FCBC church member and Komen’s Multicultural Marketing Manager.
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