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Real Pink is taking real conversations about breast cancer from the doctor's office to the living room. Hosted by Adam Walker, episodes feature candid conversations with survivors, researchers, physicians, and more. Find answers to your toughest questions and clear, actionable steps to live a better life, longer. At Real Pink, compassionate storytelling meets real inspiration, and real support.

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Breast Cancer Resources

Find the information you need.

Risk Factors

Understand the factors that may affect your risk of getting breast cancer.

Screening & Detection

Screening tests are used to find breast cancer before warning signs or symptoms.


Learn about the process of diagnosis, follow-ups, and factors that affect prognosis and treatment.


Learn about treatment for early and locally-advanced breast cancers (stages I, II and III).

Financial Assistance

Here you’ll find resources to help with financial concerns.

Tools and Resources

Here you'll find information about our helpline, as well as resources and interactive tools.

Recent Episodes

Ep 152 Dr. Christy Russell

Tumor Profiling and Breast Cancer Treatment

Every cell in your body has genes that contain the blueprints, or genetic code, for your body. Cancer develops when changes – or mutations -- in some of these genes cause the cells to grow uncontrollably and take on new characteristics. Tumor profiling, also called molecular profiling or genomic testing, gives information about the specific changes in the genes of cancer cells. Today we are joined by Dr. Christy Russell, Vice President of US Medical Affairs at Exact Sciences, who will talk with us about tumor profiling in breast cancer. Welcome to the show, Christy!
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Janice Workcuff Real Pink Podcast

Standing in the Gap

Thoughtful gestures - big and small - mean so much to survivors, whether they’ve just been diagnosed or completed treatment many years ago. Today’s guest, Janice Workcuff, has devoted her life and career to advocating for needs of her fellow sisters through making phone calls, joining them at their appointments and spreading the word for improved healthcare and more clinical trials. It is her mission to raise awareness for breast cancer through speaking engagement, educational resources, counseling and hospice guidance. She stands on the premise that helping others is her purpose, her assignment, her calling – and she is a true leader that is making a difference. Janice, welcome to the show.
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Creating Purpose Through Community

Often times, creating a sense of purpose from a difficult and challenging time is the drive that someone needs to keep pushing through. Cookie Joe founded Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School 45 years ago and works daily to inspire her dancers, their families and the community that she has built. Despite battling stage 2 breast cancer, Cookie Joe has called on her community for support and they have rallied around her. She knows that 1 in 8 of her dancers are going to experience breast cancer and understands how important it is for the kids to see her persevere in the face of difficult odds. Here to share her story and how she using her role to create purpose through community is Cookie Joe. Welcome to the show!
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Ep 149 Morgan Mitchell

Hope and Healing

If you have breast cancer, you also carry a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19, due to having a weakened immune system. Today’s guest was diagnosed with Stage 1, HER2-positive breast cancer before COVID vaccinations were available yet and during a time when she should have been celebrating, as she had just received her doctorate in biochemistry. The effect of navigating this diagnosis during a global pandemic was overwhelming, both physically and mentally. Here today to share her story and how she held onto hope through the process is Morgan Mitchell. Morgan, welcome to the show!
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Ep 148 Candace Robinson Real Pink

Finding Your Survivor Swag

After treatment for breast cancer ends, many survivors find that staying involved through community or advocacy efforts can be personally rewarding and can also help others who might find themselves in a similar situation. Today’s guest founded a brand that started out as a mission to get her swagger back through exercise and a healthier lifestyle; and also focuses on healing from the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of trauma from an illness or life altering struggle. Here to share her story and what she has learned along the way is Candace Robinson. Candace, welcome to the show!
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The Power of Sharing

A breast cancer diagnosis isn’t easy and significant support is often needed to care for your emotional, social, spiritual and practical needs. Being able to lean on those closest to you can make all the difference. We also often hear people say that sharing their story with others who might be going through a similar situation can be therapeutic as well. It is so important to not try to go through it alone. Today’s guest underwent treatment for breast cancer two decades ago, but to this day, is still eternally grateful to the people that supported her and her family through such a challenging time. Trish, welcome to the show!
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