More Than Pink: Barriers in Healthcare – The Latino Community Challenge with Jill Rameriz

Jill Ramirez (CEO & President, Latino Healthcare Forum, Austin TX) has made it her personal mission to make sure the Latino community in Austin, Texas has healthcare. She’s spent decades educating her community, training community health workers, and making sure Latinos know how to access healthcare.

“I think each community is very warm, has wisdom and they know what works for them. And so we really have to listen to what they are telling us about what their needs are.”

– Jill Ramirez

Hosted by Suzanne Stone

A proven leader in building long term community partnership opportunities, Suzanne Stone brings innovative ideas to support Komen Greater CETX’s mission in fighting breast cancer. Stone has gained experience in outreach and education, volunteer programs, donor development and fundraising over her professional career. Stone earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Radio, Television and Film from Texas Christian university and is certified in non-profit management. During her free time, she enjoys going to the beach to catch waves on her surfboard, paddle boarding and watching baseball games.

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