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Real Pink is taking real conversations about breast cancer from the doctor's office to the living room. Hosted by Adam Walker, episodes feature candid conversations with survivors, researchers, physicians, and more. Find answers to your toughest questions and clear, actionable steps to live a better life, longer. At Real Pink, compassionate storytelling meets real inspiration, and real support.

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Recent Episodes


My Breast Cancer Story with Betsey Johnson (100th Episode!)

Our guest today knows first hand how important it is to stay on top of your breast health. Fashion designer Betsey Johnson was diagnosed with breast cancer 21 years ago and is here to share her story. Today is our 100th episode of Real Pink and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all…


Embracing Change with Valencia McClure

Embracing Change with Valencia McClure About Valencia Following a very successful career in Corporate America, Valencia McClure, founder of The Artistry Of Essential Oils, is living proof that natural wellness is possible even amid seemingly impossible situations.After being diagnosed with cancer in 2015, her search for positive results and more natural healings was a difficult…


Knowing and Reducing Breast Cancer Risk with Dr. April Spencer

Everyone is at risk of breast cancer, but some of us are at higher risk than others. We know that black women are about 40% more likely to die of breast cancer than white women. These disparities are unacceptable. Your race and where you live should not determine whether you live. Here today to help…


The Evolution of Biosimilars as a Cancer Treatment with Andrew Spiegel

Cancer treatment has come a long way over the years. At the forefront of these medical advances are therapies known as “biologics.” Today I am speaking with Andrew Spiegel from the Global Colon Cancer Association to talk about biosimilars in cancer treatment and how he has used his voice in patient-centered policy and other discussions…

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Cancer’s Hidden Blessings with Jennifer Humphries

About 4 percent of all breast cancers diagnosed in the U.S. occur in women under 40. Our guest today was only 25 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was newly married and life had yet to really begin for her and her husband, yet they immediately found themselves dealing with issues…


Talking to Your Doctor with Samantha Harris (Rebroadcast)

Talking openly with your doctor is one of the best ways to feel good about your breast cancer treatment decisions. But, sometimes, talking with a doctor can be overwhelming, confusing and create more questions than answers. Samantha Harris joins the show today to help us learn how to ask the right questions, ensure that we…


Oh The Places You’ll Go Fighting Cancer with Cara Sapida

The word “cancer” can bring about sudden and intense emotions. You may have feelings like fear, anger, frustration, depression and even helplessness. These emotions are normal. No one can tell you how to feel, how not to feel or to change the way you feel. Allowing yourself to express your emotions can help you begin…


Metastatic Breast Cancer – A Future Full of Hope with Janet Robinson

It is estimated there are more than 168,000 women living with metastatic breast cancer in the U.S. in 2020. Janet Robinson is one of these. She was diagnosed 5 years ago with breast cancer after discovering a dent in her left breast. She has since had 2 recurrences and 2 years ago she was diagnosed…


The Power of Positivity with Cinda Paynter

As hard as it may be to hear, metastatic breast cancer can not be cured today. However, metastatic breast cancer can be treated, with a focus on extending and improving quality of life. The journey can be a roller coaster and today’s guest has learned how to endure the highs and lows with balance, grit,…

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